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WonderShare Product overview

Wondershare’s Filmora offers the standard trouncing, transitions, and overlays, along with goods we ’ve come to anticipate in sucker- position videotape editing software. Since our last look, the company has added more advanced and ultramodern features like those you find in more- established challengers — it now offers stir shadowing, for illustration. Filmora can get the job done, and its interface is clear and pleasing, but you ’ll have to do without some of the fine control you get with challengers.

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A Good Company With Some Flaws!

Rated 4.0 out of 5
January 14, 2023

I am aware of the recent lifetime licensing problems, and even though initially Wondershare decided to change their model (which let’s face it was the wrong decision), they now once more honour those licenses (albeit after some negative customer feedback). Personally speaking, I was having some issues with my lifetime license, and they corrected the problem within 48 hours, so I’ll be giving credit where credit is due on this review, their support has been excellent. Their software is a great product, and although lifetime licensing is no longer available I still recommend this as a simpler, and more economical alternative to Adobe Premiere. They made some mistakes, but my hope is that they learn as an organization how important their user base is.

Olivia Charlotte

Nice to have gotten Filmora

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 14, 2023

I was very fortunate to have encountered this software during the pandemic when they offered a one-time purchase. Since then, I was able to help our school as a volunteer with the projects that we had. I just love the simple interface and powerful features that I can use. We were also able to make projects with greenscreen recordings and create production numbers.

I was a bit disappointed with the charge for the upgrade last December 2022. However, thanks to Wondershare for reconsidering this issue and now I was given a refund for my payment as I contacted their support team.

There are some changes that I still need to adopt too from the previous versions… And I haven’t explored and used the new features yet.


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