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MyCAMS is a digital platform in India that provides a wide range of services related to mutual funds. It is a secure and convenient way for investors to manage their mutual fund investments online. Here are the key features of MyCAMS:

1. Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)

MyCAMS allows users to view their Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) for all mutual fund investments across different fund houses. CAS provides a consolidated view of all investments in one statement.

2. Investment Dashboard

Users can access a comprehensive dashboard displaying their mutual fund investments. It includes details such as current NAV (Net Asset Value), investment value, and the latest portfolio allocation.

3. Transactions

Investors can perform various transactions online, including purchasing mutual funds, redeeming units, switching between funds, and setting up systematic investment plans (SIPs) or systematic withdrawal plans (SWPs).

4. Portfolio Tracker

MyCAMS offers a portfolio tracker feature that allows users to track the performance of their mutual fund investments over time. It provides insights into the historical performance of individual funds.

5. Online Statements

Investors can download account statements, capital gains statements, and transaction details directly from the platform.

6. Mobile App

MyCAMS provides a mobile app available on Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to manage their mutual fund investments on the go.

7. Online KYC (Know Your Customer)

Users can complete their KYC requirements online through the MyCAMS platform, making the onboarding process more convenient for new investors.

8. Fund Information

MyCAMS provides detailed information about various mutual funds, including fund performance, historical data, and portfolio holdings. This information helps investors make informed decisions.

Please note that MyCAMS is a service primarily catering to the Indian mutual fund market. Users can typically access it through their respective mutual fund providers or asset management companies. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about MyCAMS and its services, it’s recommended to visit the official MyCAMS website or contact their customer support directly.

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