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DBS Bank india
Image Credit: DBS Bank India

DBS Bank India

DBS Bank, officially known as DBS Bank Ltd, is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Singapore. It is one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia and has a strong presence in key markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and India.

Key features and aspects of DBS Bank include:

  1. Services: DBS Bank provides a wide range of financial services, including retail banking, wealth management, corporate banking, treasury and markets, and investment banking.
  1. Digital Transformation: DBS is known for its emphasis on digital innovation and transformation. It has been recognized as a leader in digital banking and has invested significantly in technology to enhance customer experiences.

As for DBS Bank Careers, like many large banks, DBS offers various career opportunities across different functions and regions. Job openings and career-related information can typically be found on the official DBS Bank website under the “Careers” or “Jobs” section. Interested individuals can explore available positions, learn about the company culture, and apply for positions directly through the official careers portal.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding DBS Bank and its career opportunities, I recommend visiting the official DBS Bank website or contacting their human resources department directly.

DBS Bank IFSC Code and DBS Bank Credit

DBS Bank operates in various countries, and each country may have a different IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) equivalent. If you are looking for the IFSC code for a specific DBS Bank branch in India, you should check with the official website of DBS Bank India or contact their customer service for the most accurate information.

Regarding DBS Bank credit cards, DBS Bank offers a range of credit card products with different features and benefits. The eligibility criteria, application process, and credit card offerings may vary based on the country in which you are applying.

For information about DBS Bank credit cards, including the types available, eligibility criteria, and the application process, you should visit the official DBS Bank website specific to your country or contact their customer service. The official website will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on the credit card products and services offered by DBS Bank.

DBS Bank Customer Care

The customer care contact details for DBS Bank can vary depending on the country or region. Here are the general customer care contacts for DBS Bank in a few key locations:


  • Customer Service Hotline: 1800 111 1111 (for Singapore)
  • International Customer Service Hotline: +65 6327 2265 (if you are calling from overseas)


  • Customer Service Hotline: 1800 209 4555 (for India)
  • International Customer Service Hotline: +91 44 6685 4555 (if you are calling from overseas)

Hong Kong:

  • Customer Service Hotline: +852 2290 8888


  • Customer Service Hotline: 400 820 8988 (for mainland China)
  • International Customer Service Hotline: +86 400 820 8988 (if you are calling from overseas)

Please note that these numbers are subject to change, and it’s always a good idea to verify the information on the official DBS Bank website or by contacting your local DBS branch directly.

If you are looking for customer care information for a specific country not mentioned here, I recommend checking the official DBS Bank website or contacting the local DBS branch in your region.

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